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IDES is:
Jill - Vocals
Dan - Guitar
Nick - Bass
Jeff - Drums


released March 1, 2012

Mastered by Charles Chaussinand @ Stompbox Studios
"Trust" lyrics by Vin



all rights reserved


IDES New Jersey


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Track Name: Trust
With a toothy smile, and a shit-eating grin
I don't even know where do I begin
to say how much I hate this place?
Every day I feel like such a disgrace.

Like the Cheshire Cat,
I'm going to disappear
somewhere that isn’t here
I've tried to quit,
But without nine lives, it's a load of shit:

every chance i get

I try to feel at home
I'm told trust absolutely no one
so I absolutely don't

Trust no one.
Track Name: BLCKBRKR
It's 9AM and I already want to break shit
Waking up to feelings of disappointment
Your berating carries a painful sting
Words with the force of a verbal flogging
Too short too dumb, just gonna fail
I try playing catch up but I’m chasing my tail
One step behind, I'll never get ahead
From this morning's pot of coffee til the day I'm dead
Dissected to find out why I turned out wrong
Your poking and prodding fucked me up all along
Can't take these standards you put on me
Can't cope with this responsibility

Gotta get back on my feet
When will I make ends meet?

I’m blind with rage by 5:30
Feeling worthless enough to wrap my car around a tree
I give it my all, work my hands to the bone
But in the end I always end up cold and alone
I can shower you in silver, but you’ll always ask for gold
Enough disapproval can make anyone fold
One step behind, I'll never get ahead
From the end of my shift til the day I’m dead

I’ll never make ends meet
World has brought me to my knees
Track Name: Mainframe
Spill your guts to the World Wide Web
140 characters or less
Compensate for something real
Sparknotes version of how to feel

Tweet me, add me, please just love me, comment all of my new pics
Click me, pick me, please don’t leave me
Remind me that I still exist
Track Name: Compromises
Find it so hard to breathe
In a world that stifles me
Robs me of creativity

Work eat sleep die
No time is free
Self-betterment won’t do shit for society

Your brain is a machine,
Meant only to be used for things you need

Work eat sleep die
No time is free
Self-betterment won’t do shit for society

You are just a machine
Meant for work, and not born free

All work and no play, just another day
Track Name: Home...?
We can’t trust the stars at night when they very well could be ambient light.
A city abandoned by everything that once had a soul
And when the streets are run by feral dogs
And that heavenly light is just chemical smog
We’ll plan our attack and make our escape from this place called home.

So walk with me in the pale moonlight
The only ones left in this desperate plight
There’s nothing in the alleys where these creatures now roam
Dodge through shadows of these buildings long gone
Metal ruins of our own Babylon
We’re the only known survivors of this place once called home.

What’s that out there
Staring at me?

Hush my darling, don’t you dare fucking cry
The wolves might here us, and then they’ll try
To rip and tear our flesh apart
But together we can rule the dark

We’ll have the breakfast of kings, and the dinner of champions, and we’ll live like thieves in this cold bitter world.