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released June 25, 2012

Principle tracking by Nick Sudol and Carl Kranz @ Penguin Studios
Overdubs by Dan Rivas @ The Meatlocker
Mastering by Charles Chaussinand @ Stompbox Studios



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IDES New Jersey


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Track Name: Invisible Burdens
So long sanity, we'd only just met
Before you were evicted from my head
No direction in life, but I'm going insane
But I'll grin and bear it just the same

Serving time inside of my own brain
I've committed no crime, but the guilt comes just the same
Nothing left for me to do but shout
It's the only thing that drowns the voices out
Get out

Losing my voice, and losing my mind
Screaming my lungs out to the dead of night

Knuckles are bloody and my throat's gone raw
Spent the last few years grasping at straws
Got a chip on my shoulder and the world on my back
So let me know when I can finally crack

Losing my voice, and losing my mind
Screaming my lungs out to the dead of night
You can try and drag me with you into the ground
But I won't shut up until the walls come down
Track Name: Megalodon
I got 20,000 leagues away from my problems
Far enough away for no one to know
And the further I sink, the more I can't be bothered
I often stop and wonder if there's really a bottom

Surrounded by darkness, but with no place to hide
It all comes back to haunt me now matter how I try
But I'd rather stay away for another million days
Than plague the world forever with my gruesome face

So I sit and I wait, and I ruminate
On the bottom of the ocean where no one knows my fate
Down here only I have the will to survive
Isolation is my only vice.