split with Inertia

by Ides/Inertia

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released March 28, 2014

recording and mixing by Nicholas Sudol
mastering by Kevin Carafa



all rights reserved


IDES New Jersey


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Track Name: Ides - She-Wolf
I don't sleep that well most nights
Find me howling at the moon instead
Hairs bristle at the back of my neck
At the scent of the midnight air
Something's changed inside of me
Corrupted me down to my core
Darkness takes over me
And then I am no more

Hunger cuts through my bones
And the wind carries your scent
I want to wrap myself in your entrails
Sink my teeth in your neck
I flash you a smile
And you crawl right into my lap
"Well all the better to eat you, my dear"
You've fallen right into my trap

I'd hide myself in the clothes of a sheep
(Sneak into your house)
But the wool is bursting at the seams
(Climb in through your window)
So I run into the shadows to hide
(Tear the place apart)
Close my eyes and pray for morning
(And leave before you find me)

Call off your hunters, find a safe place to hide
When the clock strikes midnight, I'll be dead inside
Lock up your husbands, and protect your sons
Cause they won't be the same, when I'm done

Don't get too close to me
I'll rip your heart out with my bare hands
Don't even get anywhere near me
I've become the monster I never wanted to be.
Track Name: Ides - Mecha
Titan of a man
Sixteen stories high
Sentience achieved
Flesh and mind of steel
Smog haze rolls through
A wounded ozone sky
No need for a sun
We are gods now

All shall falter
Crushed beneath an iron fist
Today is ours
We've become unstoppable

Now we all shall pay
The price to live this way

All shall falter
Crushed beneath an iron fist
Today is ours
We've become unstoppable

Now we all must die

Burnt flesh and twisted metal
Our own ambitions will be our downfall
Bow down to the powers that be:
Science, logic, and technology.
Track Name: Ides - Life in Retrograde
Sirens at the break of dawn
Echo off concrete
I pull my bedsheets closer
As if to protect me
Every day I wake up this way
Bitter cold to the touch and dissociative

Shrug my collar to my face
Eyes pressed straight ahead
Feet quicken underneath
Walk down these broken streets
A crooked path, I crawl on bloody knees
Inching from the fate chosen for me
Bred solely for consumption, self-made complacency
Hobble both my legs, and just let me be

So I try not to lose myself every single day
To the winds of institution, or the kiss of apathy
So we'll sink just like Atlantis, our Gomorrah will go up in flames
Unless we rise up on our own

Our own two feet

Our shackles will break us, if we don't break them
Break them first.
Track Name: Inertia - Prokaryote
Sharks prowl the clubs and they're looking for meat, sniffing for blood and dropping lines of deceit. Over masculine minds, hollow hearts shallow souls, cultural trends taking the toll but it sure ain't the booze and it sure ain't the sex, just meek minds, games of complacency, mindlessness, fraud, faux self-defeat they bait the line and... Treated like hooks on the flesh of the waist, fuck me! Skins of liars/weak bones wear thin. Lies! Carved from the stone all plaster, no bone just the shell of a plastic god. Lies! Please don't feed me the bullshit you bleed out your mouth