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White picket dreams, barbed in wire
Boundaries erected from frigid desires
Nuclear homes, and test tube kids
Perfectly sterile and primed for disaster
Your business is never just your own

Keeping up with Dick and Jane
Has never been a deadlier game
Position is status in this status quo
You're only as worthy as the people you know
Backstabs and headwalks on Pleasant and Main
Elm Street smells like the fluids exchanged

Turning glass houses into hovels
We’ll tear up the floorboards, to see how low we can go

Four walls, scrawled in secrets
They crack the paint and seep right into your skin
They get in
Past the mask you wear, they see right through you

Gag me with a silver spoon, I’m gonna be sick.


Untrusting, unworthy
Stubborn to a fault
Wearing scars like trophies
and flaws like armor

Casting aspersions like stones
Made to believe I was made to be alone
You kept me well-fed from table scraps
Drank up like mother’s milk in a desperate act
But I cannot be pleased
By a pat on the head and a place on my knees
Because only cowards climb the backs of many
to sit their throne of rot
Pulling the wool over our eyes
to keep us all apart

But one day we will have our chance to rewrite history
And judge you for casting us down
With a swiftness, like a guillotine
We’ll mend the distance between us, reject your false security
Remember our names because they might be the last thing
that you ever see

Divide. Conquer. Conquer. Divide.
Head from the neck, lone wolf from the pack
Divide. Conquer. Conquer. Divide.
Anything to keep us from talking back.


from Born To Run In Place, released December 18, 2016



all rights reserved


IDES New Jersey


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